18-wheeler crashes into house near Athens

ATHENS, TX (KLTV) - An 18-wheeler crashed into a house in the 3500 block of Highway 31 W., just east of Athens.

According to the DPS Trooper on the scene, just before 8:00 am, the 18-wheeler was traveling westbound on Highway 31 W., when the driver blacked out due to a medical condition. The big rid then crossed over the center median into the eastbound lanes and into the living room of a house. The driver of the truck woke up when the truck was in the living room.

The homeowners were inside the house at the time of the crash. The husband was actually in the living room lighting the fireplace and his wife was still asleep in the bedroom. Neither one was injured.

The driver of the truck was transported to an Athen's hospital with minor injuries.

The trooper says there were no skid or brake marks on the roadway, so at this time they believe it was the black out from the medical condition that caused the wreck.

However, the trooper is still investigating.

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