Framing Photography

Lacquering – vs – Glazing

Many times, a photographer will recommend that you lacquer a photo in order to protect it. This process is accomplished by applying coating directly onto the photographic image. The lacquer seals the photo against dirt, moisture, and in certain cases, ultraviolet light damage. While this does protect the photo to an extent, it also causes a permanent change lo the image. In years to come, the lacquer may yellow or crack, thus ruining the photograph.

A protective measure that is more in keeping with the methods of Conservation Framing is the use of UV-blocking glass. Tru Vue® Conservation Series® Glass featuring TruGuard® UV Protection effectively blocks 97% of the most damaging ultraviolet light rays. And like all other glass, it protects the framed items from outside impurities that might otherwise damage it.

Some of life's most precious memories are captured in the photographs that we take: a child's first birthday, your parents' 50th wedding anniversary party, your daughter's wedding portrait. Yet, more often than not, we display these memories by simply placing the photo in a frame or sticking them on the pages of a self-adhesive album.

While this treatment is appropriate for most snapshots, your truly special photos, especially those with historical merit or those that may be irreplaceable, deserve so much more. That's where your custom framer can be of assistance.

Special Characteristics of Photography

The very nature of your photographs will dictate how they must be framed. Some photos are printed on papers which do not take well to regular heat-activated mounting techniques. Others, especially antique photos, are very sensitive to alkaline-based framing materials and therefore must be mounted and matted using special non-buffered boards.

All photos should be framed using at least one mat made of TruGuard® Conservation Quality Artboard. This will ensure that the photo emulsion does not touch the glass. If it does, temperature and humidity changes may cause it to stick. This can potentially ruin the image. An acid-, lignin-, and groundwood-free artboard such as Tru Vue® UltiMat® will protect the image from damage that can be caused by these impurities.

Bring the Memories to Life

Photographs can really bring back the memories and feelings of a special time. Why not add an extra element to your memories by placing a treasured memento in a shadowbox presentation with the photo?

For instance, a photo of your son's high school graduation can be brought to life when paired with his mortarboard and tassel. Or your daughter's dance recital portrait will do a grande jeté when framed with her ballet shoes and a program from the event.

These are just a few examples that can help to enliven your still shots. Ask your custom framer to help you find the special touch that will bring your picture-perfect memories to life!

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This information was provided for your assistance courtesy of Tru Vue®. Tru Vue® manufactures a complete line of TruGuard® Conservation Quality Artboards and Conservation Series® Glass featuring TruGuard® UV Protection that work together to protect your framed valuables.

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