Nacogdoches Co. deputies discover 11 illegals in traffic stop

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Deputies in Nacogdoches County discovered 11 illegal immigrants traveling from as far south as Central America in a routine traffic stop Thursday afternoon.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss said the deputies made the stop on a minivan on U.S. 59 South, just outside the Nacogdoches city limits around 3:30 p.m. Ten men and one woman were in the van, and all were illegal immigrants. According to the Sheriff's Office, the individuals were very hungry and thirsty, reporting that they had not eaten since their journey through Texas began, but, otherwise, they all appeared to be in good physical condition.

"We talked to the woman and she told us she had come from Honduras through Mexico and into the U.S. with a larger group," Kerss said. "She said their destination was Texarkana and ultimately New York."

The Sheriff alerted I.C.E. officials, who have arrived at the sheriff's office to handle the investigation.

Kerss said all 11 were packed in the minivan.

"In fact, that was one reason for the stop," Kerss said. "The deputies saw they were exceeding capacity and they weren't all wearing seatbelts."

Authorities said all 11 individuals will be held overnight in the Nacogdoches County Jail until I.C.E. officials can arrange for transport to a federal holding facility.  State Human Trafficking charges are being considered against the driver but have not been filed at this time.

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