Kerry Says He's the Only One Not Waffling on Abortion

Presidential hopeful John Kerry says he's on the only Democrat in the race who hasn't "played games" on the abortion issue.

Kerry says he'd only appoint judges to the Supreme Court who support a woman's right to choose. His closest competitor, Howard Dean, says he'd choose judicial nominees who support constitutional privacy protections, which includes abortion. That's Dennis Kucinich's view as well.

Each of the seven major Democratic candidates supports abortion rights. President Bush supports the procedure only in cases of rape, incest or when a woman's life is in danger.

Kerry says he's not worried Republicans will label him just another liberal. He says if that's the worst they can say, then, as he puts it, "bring it on."

Kerry's vowing to meet with more voters than any other candidate. He's hopping buses and helicopters between six campaign rallies around New Hampshire today.

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