After 3 months in the hospital, Courtney Shumway returns home

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "No mother wants to see her child in this condition, but Courtney is such a fighter. And, she's got a great attitude. She's been so willing to work hard," says Barbara Capps, mother of Courtney Shumway.

After 3 months of prayers and support from the community, that same support system welcomes Courtney Shumway home today.

"I'm just so proud to just be able to say she is my sister," says Courtney's younger sister, Crystal Capps.

Courtney was hospitalized in Shreveport in August after a rare reaction to an anesthetic, which caused her heart to stop. Doctors then placed her into a medically induced coma and waited for her to wake up.

Today, hundreds of family and friends are by Courtney's side, happy to see her back in Lufkin.

"She needs to know how much everybody loves her, and just how much support she really has," said Crystal Capps.

Her two young children have eagerly awaited for this moment. They already know how they want to spend time with their mom.

"Play with her, hug on her, just I don't know, a lot," says Courtney's daughter, Haylee.

"It's awesome," said Courtney's son, Chance.

Although she was released from the hospital today, we're told the recovery process is still in the early stages.

"We still have lots of work to do, but she has come such a long way. But, we will continue therapy," said Barbara Capps.

Since the episode, Courtney has had trouble with her short term memory and fine motor skills. She's even had to learn to walk again. Courtney's mom says the community and family have helped her get to this point.

"Courtney, everyone loves Courtney. That's just Courtney's personality. She draws people to her always," says Barbara Capps.

And it's those people that Courtney will continue to lean on.

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