Hispanic Community Concerned Over Accident

by Jessica Cervantez

Members of the Hispanic community in Nacogdoches are raising more concerns about an accident that killed a pedestrian two weeks ago. The man died when he was hit by a Nacogdoches police officer as he crossed a street. Preliminary investigations say it was an accident, but some people still have questions.

"Era amigo de todos..." He was a friend to all says Honorino Soto of Rodolfo Delgado Sanchez. And like many members of the Hispanic community in Nacogdoches, Soto wants more answers about what happened the night Sanchez died.

"Quieremos informacion," said Soto.

When word of the community's concern reached City Manager Jim Jeffers, he decided the city needs to take action. He wants to set up a meeting.

"We learned that there are concerns, the best thing to do is to address it...concerns need to be answered," said Jeffers.

Members of the Hispanic community say they would welcome that.

"This is the first time I hear of that, and I think this would be very positive step, very interesting to meet with him and discuss the situation, where we are at, how the investigation is coming along, and what we can do about it," said Horacio Cortes.

The Department of Public Safety is reconstructing the accident that killed Rodolfo Delgado Sanchez. It could take several weeks until the investigation is complete. Members of the Hispanic community hope to meet with city officials sometime next week.