Experts Offer Advice On How To Protect Your Home From Freezing Temperatures

During the long and sometimes freezing winter nights here in East Texas, it's important to remember the "three P's"... your pets, pipes, and plants. But it's probably your pipes that will cost you the most money and headaches if not protected from below freezing temperatures. Experts say that it's a must that you make sure any exposed pipes in your home are properly insulated... either with insulated tape or with insulated slip sleeves that fit over the pipes. Both available at local hardware stores.

Homeowners must also be aware that they need to make sure that windows are properly caulked and that their home insulation should have at least an "R" value of 13 or higher. The higher the "R" value, the better the insulation. Following this advice will save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year in heating or plumbing costs.