Nacogdoches residents unhappy about losing first-class delivery

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Business is picking up at the post offices everywhere as holiday mailings go out.

But not enough to get the agency out of the red. Right now in Nacogdoches some customers are pretty matter a fact about eventually losing next day delivery for their letter or Christmas cards.

"Guess we take what we can get," one customer said.

Not exactly.

Across the street, a retail shipping business is providing a fair amount of competition to the postal service.

The retail business' customer base could grow as the postal service starts cutting back service.

"I hate to see it for the people," said Jodie Stone, owner of the UPS Store. "I think it will possibly increase our business as far as if it comes about in the spring as far as people wanting to get something at a certain time to a destination."

Stores like this one primarily ship packages, but usually there's a licensed mail drop off service for customers. So staying in a good working relationship with the U.S. Postal Service is important.

"I have a good relationship with the post office people and they've helped me and I've helped them," Stone said. And it's unfortunate for this to happen and hopefully there will be some good things to come out of it for them."

There's still one more option if you wait too late.

"I guess there will be more e-mailing," said a customer.

Which is why mail volume has dropped more than 20 percent, or 40 billion pieces of mail, over the last five years.

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