Subdivision Residents Finally Begin to See New Roads

Potholes ankle deep, flooded drainage ditches and roads that were almost impassable were the road conditions in Falcon Estates just a few weeks ago. But the controversy over who owns the road has ended and the roads are being repaired by Angelina County.

"After doing an extensive search at the courthouse for the records, Falcon Properties finally came up with the minutes of the meeting where the roads were accepted as county roads in 1983," said Falcon Estate resident Jay Jackson .

"There was no question once the minutes were found where these roads were accepted, there was no question whether I was going to fix this or not. These people deserve it," added Angelina County Pct. 1 Commissioner, Rick Harrison.

Residents say they were not trying to place blame on either the county or Falcon Estates subdivision owner Larry Byrd. After three years of debate, they just wanted to feel safer about driving down their roads.

"We as residents needed to get the work done for safety's sake. The school bus comes through here. We felt like it was a danger to that bus, our children on their bikes, and the wear and tear on our cars," added Jackson.

Residents will have to deal with more inconveniences as repair crews dig up ditches to install a drainage system. But it's an inconvenience this neighborhood has been waiting to see.