"Top Ten Most Wanted Child Support Evaders" List Comes Out, One East Texas Family is Affected

by Jessica Cervantez

The cost of raising a child does not come cheap, which is why Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott was in Nacogdoches, to announce the new "Most Wanted Child Support Evaders" list. One of the top evaders has a family that lives in East Texas. The mother is asking for help to provide for her children.

Fidela Maldonado provides as much as she can for her three children. The Diboll woman says it is difficult to spend time with her children when she works two different jobs, six days a week, putting in 75 hours a week.

Maldonado said, "Help me where I can be more with them. If he doesn't want to be there physically at least give me the chance to be there physically, where he can pay a little bit of child support. That's what I want, that's what I need."

Maldonado is talking about one of the top ten child support evaders, Jose Jesus Vasquez, who goes by "Chuy." Vasquez owes more than $40,000 in child support.

Maldonado said, "I hope that if anybody is watching that knows "Chuy" please call and help us out. Help my kids fulfill a little bit of their dreams."

Attorney General Greg Abbott is rallying behind Maldonado and other families who suffer from what Abbott calls a form of child abuse. He wants to send a simple message.

Abbott said, "If you fail to live up to your responsibility to your children, if you fail to pay child support we're going to come after you. We're going to put you in jail until you begin to pay your child support."

Abbott is relentless in his effort, and recognizes those who join in the fight. He handed Lt. Dan Taravella a certificate for his outstanding effort in helping put another child support evader, Guillermo Castillo, behind bars.

Taravella said, "This is one of the times in our type of job where you get a lot of satisfaction putting them in jail, knowing that they're caught, and hopefully he'll be able to make restitution to help out his family."

The hardest part is locating these evaders. Maldonado needs help. She believes Vasquez lives somewhere in Mission, Texas, where he has relatives. She says ultimately it is her children who suffer.

Maldonado said, "At the end, that is who gets hurt more is the children."

If you have seen or know information of the whereabouts of child support evader Jose Jesus Vasquez, also known as "Chuy", contact your local police department.

For more information on child support evaders and to view the list of "Top Ten Most Wanted Child Support Evaders," you can go to www.oag.state.tx.us.