Florida Attorney General's Office Chides Prosecutors In Limbaugh Probe

The office of Florida's attorney general is questioning the motives of prosecutors who released letters from Rush Limbaugh's attorney last week.

Prosecutors said the attorney general's office and the Florida Bar backed the release of the documents. But both parties say that's not the case.

State General Counsel Patricia Gleason says prosecutor Ken Selvig seemed to hide some facts when he consulted her about whether the letters should be released.

Gleason says it appears Selvig contacted her to justify the release of the documents rather than to seek impartial advice.

But Selvig denies it. He says it was to confirm a conclusion they had already tentatively reached that there was no statutory exemption allowing prosecutors to refuse to disclose the letters.

The letters detail discussions between prosecutors and Limbaugh's attorney over whether he would plead guilty to "doctor-shopping" for prescription painkillers.

Limbaugh has not been arrested and no charges have been filed in the months-long investigation.

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