Superintendent explains opposition to Niroumand's policy

Farshid Niroumand
Farshid Niroumand
Fred Hayes
Fred Hayes

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There was a time a stern, but fair, NISD Coach Farshid Niroumand would discipline his star player Clint Dempsey, now a world-famous athlete. Under the current revised discipline policy Dempsey may have been given a second chance.

NISD Superintendent Dr. Fred Hayes doesn't like the old policy.

"The policy indicated that if a student were arrested, caught drinking, broke the code of conduct with a severe offense that they were out of athletics for an entire year," Hayes said. "That is extreme."

A revised policy gives a student multiple chances to play straight with the rules.

"After the first offense there was lesser punishment than a year out, second offense a year out and third offense, you're out for good," Hayes said.

Three students from influential families were the first to be punished under the new policy. The perception is they received preferential treatment, something that goes against the grain of the beloved Coach Farshid. The policy's real test will eventually come according to NISD board president Matt Rocco.

"Let's see what happens when a kid that doesn't have a support base gets in trouble are they going to throw the book at them and say he's not no good and throw them in DAC," Rocco said. "If that happens I'll be very disappointed."

Coach Farshid still has an opportunity to keep his coaching job and accept a reassignment, but he's built his life on principal and beliefs.

"If we've learned from Coach Farshid is that it's not about him, it's about our students and we need to get back to the business of educating our kids and supporting them in the matter he has for the last 30 years," board member Alan Soward said.

Niroumand is expected to officially announce his retirement or resignation next Thursday. The superintendent is uncertain he will accept it with soccer season starting in January.

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