Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 12/08/2011

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - El Chico @ 2104 S. First St: 25 demerits for improper temperatures, repair floor under ice machine, clean under equipment, clean vent hood filters, clean fans in kitchen, clean fan covers in walk-in cooler, replace damaged ceiling tiles, towels required at hand sink, repair leak under sink in bar, clean pipes, food grade containers and cutting boards required, and ice scoops must have handles and be stored properly.

Baymont Seafood @ 1903 S. First St: 18 demerits for improper temperatures, do no store Gatorade in ice, do not store food in cloth, all spray bottles must be labeled, repair sanitizer release on dishwasher, store ice scoop properly, and food in cooler must be covered.

Cheddar's Restaurant & Club @ 3901 S. Medford: 18 demerits for improper temperatures, replace missing floor tiles in dishwashing area, clean under equipment, clean inside microwave, hand washing sink used for hand washing only, clean floor drains, repair leaks at 3 compartment sink, store ice scoop properly, lid needed on trash can in employee restroom, and food grade containers required for sugar and tea bags.

Fruitilandia Grocery & Deli @ 1907 N. Raguet: 15 demerits for improper thawing of chicken, improper storage of eggs and sausage, remove expired medications from shelves, self closure required on restroom door, food must be covered and protected, clean fan covers in walk-in cooler, clean air vents, store toxic items away from food and single service items, food grade containers required, store clean utensils properly, handle needed for bulk food item scoops, and lid needed on trash can in restroom.

IHOP @ 4400 S. Medford: 12 demerits for repair prep cooler, clean floor under equipment, scoops must have handles, and replace ceiling tile.

Olive Garden @ 3801 S. Medford: 12 demerits for cheese too warm, do not cool food in undrained ice, and keep items out of hand washing sink.

Lufkin Country Club @ 1624 Sayers: 4 demerits for clean inside oven, repair ceiling above 3 compartment sink, clean floor under equipment, self closure needed on restroom doors, repair wall in men's restroom, clean wall behind water heater, clean inside all cabinets, clean air vents, and thermometer needed in deep freezer.