Rice On Weapons Controversy

National security adviser Condoleezza Rice says the administration still believes Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.

On NBC's "Today" show, Rice responded to the recent comments from outgoing chief U.S. weapons inspector David Kay, who said he believes Saddam didn't have such weapons when the U.S. attacked.

Kay blames faulty intelligence.

Rice says Saddam used banned weapons on his own people, and failed to account for missing stockpiles of toxins that could be used in bio-weapons.

She says before the war, President Bush relied on intelligence that was shared by intelligence officials around the world. She says the intelligence indicated Saddam had the banned weapons.

She also says Bush felt Saddam was a "grave and gathering threat" to the world.

She says investigators need to do more work in Iraq to finally determine its weapons capabilities. But she notes it'll be impossible to find all the answers because Saddam had a "secretive" regime that wanted to deceive the world.

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