Dutch Embassy in Baghdad Hit by Rocket

The Dutch Embassy in the Iraqi capital was hit by a rocket late Friday, but there were no injuries because the mission had closed for the day.

Security guards and U.S. soldiers said one rocket detonated on the embassy roof, triggering a small fire which later appeared under control. Two other projectiles fell in the garden but did not explode.

Guards said they fired at the attackers' vehicle but they escaped. A rocket launcher was found nearby.

Shortly after 11 p.m., another series of blasts rocked the center of Baghdad. A U.S. military spokesman confirmed the explosions but said he did not know the source.

Dutch Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Martine de Haan confirmed the attack on the embassy and said there were no injuries.

A U.S. quick reaction force from the 1st Armored Division was sent to the embassy, the U.S. command said.

The Netherlands maintains about 1,100 troops in Iraq.

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