Israel Criticizes Annan's Response on Bombing

Israel doesn't like what the U.N. chief is saying about the latest suicide bomb attack, or, more specifically, what he isn't saying about it.

In the aftermath of yesterday's bus bombing, which killed ten Israelis and wounded more than 50 others, U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan issued a statement condemning those who resort to "violence and terror." And it appealed to Israelis and Palestinians to resume peace negotiations.

But it didn't condemn, or even mention, the bombing.

Israel's U.N. ambassador called a news conference to express Isr.ael's "disappointment and dismay." He says it's "especially important" for the head of the U.N. to specifically condemn acts of terror.

As for whether Annan's statement reflects a change in policy, a spokeswoman says, "One press statement doesn't make a policy."

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