Gibson Film, "The Passion of the Christ" Reviewed by Local Pastor

Well it's not due to be released into theatres for another month, but already it's causing conflict. "The Passion of the Christ," which is produced and directed by Mel Gibson, has been labeled as anti-semitic by some critics because of the depiction of the crucifixion. But one local pastor, who viewed the film earlier this month, has a different opinion.

"It wasn't the Jews that crucified, it was all of us. This is what we've all done, and that takes away the controversy," said Jeff Robinson, pastor of Southside Baptist Church.

Robinson was anxious to see the film, hoping that it would live up to his expectations and he said it did just that.

When the film ended, Robinson says, you could hear only weeping and silence in the theatre.

"It was the most accurate portrayal of the passion that I've ever seen. Even though I've read the narratives hundreds of times probably. It was intense, the most intense depiction I've ever seen," said Robinson.

The "Passion of the Christ" opens February 25th and is rated R for realism. The film will be at the Lufkin Mall opening weekend.