Local Movie Star on the Rise

Growing up in Longview, David Sullivan mainly thought about sports and of course girls. Acting came in his junior year at Spring Hill High School when he starred in a one act play.

"We ended up doing really well. We ended up going to regional and we got all-star cast and everything and it was just a big surprise. I think that kind of sparked it," said David.

David went on to Baylor University never really pursuing that acting spark. That is until after graduation, when he lost his job.

"I was thinking about going to some audition, casting calls and this was actually the first one I went to. It was for this science fiction movie called 'Primer'," said David.

The $7,000 budget required the actors to be the film crew as well.

This is something where I can learn all aspects of the movie cause I was also part of the crew, and so I could learn everything that goes on behind the camera and sort of hone my skills as an actor," said David.

So David and the director took this low budget learning experience to the Sundance Film Festival and as the week progressed it began to be noticed.

"People were saying great job, great movie, really inspiring. I'm like whoo I think we're starting to make a difference here," said David.

Nothing could've prepared David for the last night. Danny Glover was handing out the big award of the week, the grand jury prize.

"Then he said this movie created it's own language and this movie kind of made us think, and I was like O.K. surely he's not talking about our movie and then he said this year's award goes to 'Primer', and I just froze," said David.

It was one award that for David, changed everything.

"It kind of sunk in cause I had people shaking me and saying, 'Do you know what this means?', I walked outside and I just screamed, 'Oh my gosh', " said David.

It's all still sinking in for David, but he better do it fast. He has a meeting with Universal Pictures next week.