Auction Raises Money For Hospitalized Child

On December 8th Collin Phillips saved his 8-year-old brother Dakota's life. After fishtailing their go cart into a pond, Collin was able to unbuckle his brother's seat belt, allowing him to swim to safety. Two months later, friends, family and even strangers are trying to be Collin's hero, pouring their love for him into a benefit auction.

"Well, we split into groups to get everything done. A lot of hours, a lot of late nights but everything got done," said volunteer Wendy Engle.

Volunteers cooked and sold bar-be-que dinners, and even Collin's little league teammates did what they could to help their friend.

"He's a friend and I don't want to lose him," said friend Blake Russell.

"I think it's great. I hope he gets better. I'm praying for him everyday," said friend Sam Badders.

Some say that Collin's selflessness in the water that day has inspired them to give more of themselves.

"Because he's inspired us by showing us the things we do could save someone's life or at least help them in some way," said Gwen Cole.

And with more than 12-thousand dollars raised just in food sales, with much more to come from the auction, all here tonight hope they can help the Phillips family get through a tough time.