San Augustine Pays Special Tribute To Columbia

Dozens of East Texans gathered in San Augustine today to witness their unveiling of a monument dedicated to those lost in the Columbia tragedy. Those who remembered that fateful February day gathered to pay their respects to those who lost their lives as well as honor those who donated their time in the recovery effort. Flags in San Augustine were lowered to half staff, and a monument listing the names of the Columbia seven was unveiled. To the people of San Augustine, this was a day to remember.

"I feel like for our town it's a day of remembrance of what happened a year ago where everyone came together to help. It was an amazing thing for our town. Everyone went out and did something, from children to adults. The whole town was involved, it just brought us all together," said Carolyn Johnson, a resident.

Among those in the crowd was NASA communications specialist and former East Texas resident Tiffany Travis who says that the help and support that East Texans have provided NASA during this time is truly genuine.

"I don't believe there's one word that can capture the spirit of the communities of East Texas. It has been absolutely amazing to walk into these communities and see how strong these people are and how much they put their volunteer time and effort into helping our family and to helping in the recovery process. They continue to give," said Travis.

This afternoon's ceremony ended in a moment of silence followed by the playing of Taps. Residents of San Augustine plan to continue their memorials for years to come.