Lufkin Remembers Space Shuttle Columbia

In Lufkin several memorials and dedications were held. The first was in the Spirit of America Park. About one hundred people from Lufkin, NASA and other agencies gathered to honor the astronauts and say thank you to all those who helped with the shuttle recovery.

There was a monument unveiled to mark the day the shuttle fell, and NASA gave to Lufkin the mission flag of shuttle flight 107. The flag was raised by members of the Boy Scouts and the Marines.

At city hall a hand sculpted shuttle memorial was unveiled. It is one of only seven made to commemorate the efforts of all those who helped in the recovery effort. The ceremony concluded at the Civic Center where the command center for the recovery was for the first eight days. Astronauts stationed in Lufkin were on hand to say thank you to East Texas for all the help one of the most poignant moment came when the honor guard fired seven shots to salute the fallen astronauts, and then a bell was rung seven times in remembrance of there sacrifice.