Great Turn Out for Shuttle Tragedy Honoring

In Nacogdoches, many people turned out to honor the victims of the shuttle tragedy and the hundreds of people who helped in the recovery effort.

During the memorial, representatives from the Fredonia Corporation announced they're giving the corner of East Hospital and Fredonia Street as a memorial site.

"There's nothing about a memorial, there's nothing about a statue that will bring back the lives of the seven that were lost, but what we can do is make sure that we always remember," said Joe Max Green, the Fredonia Corporation president.

Memorial planners are not ready to announce who the artist will be, but say they're interviewing several accomplished people.

"We're all people who have won major competitions, so it will be someone of note that you will probably recognize. We chose to keep those things very private and very quiet. We wanted no other names out there until we recognized the people who paid the supreme price," said Dr. Nancy Speck.

The announcement of the selected artists could come as early as this week.