Cyclists protesting pipeline pass through East Texas

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Thousands of miles from home, Ron Seifert and Tom Weis are taking their protest of a pipeline to main street America. 61 days ago the pair started their journey in Canada tracing the proposed path of the Keystone X-L Project.

"Building resistance against TransCanada's keystone pipeline that they want to build throughout the heartland of America," said cyclist Tom Weis.

They feel the truth about the pipeline's economic and environmental impact is being skewed.

The ride isn't about how fast they can get to the gulf.

"It's really just trying to address the folks on the frontline that the most immediately affected by the pipeline," said cyclist Ron Seifert.

These cyclists have dedicated the next few years of their lives to making sure the pipeline doesn't become a reality.

"I was willing to do whatever I could, sold all my stuff left my job and my home and I willingly became homeless and unemployed to chase down this pipeline," said Seifert.

Finding support isn't hard. Every stretch of the trek is made possible by strangers opening up their homes.

"(The) feedback has been amazing. Most people are not really aware of all the facts around this. When we tell them the real facts about this you see a dramatic shift in people's perceptions," said Weis.

Talk of negative health effects, fighting over land rights, and protecting the earth is motivation enough.

"Getting up and fighting everyday for what you truly believe in and trying to protect our future and our future generations," said Seifert.

With their journey ending this weekend, they're counting on others to keep the mission moving until the pipeline is defeated.

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