Witness list, exhibits released in Bugatti crash case

Photo courtesy of Chris Paschenko/The Galveston County Daily News
Photo courtesy of Chris Paschenko/The Galveston County Daily News

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A witness list and evidence has been released in the lawsuit case of a Lufkin man who is being sued over an insurance claim after he drove his million-dollar car into a lagoon in Galveston.

Philadelphia Indemnity Insurance Company filed a lawsuit in federal court, alleging that Andy House made a wrongful claim in the November 2009 damage of his 2006 Bugatti Veyron, estimated at a value of $2.2 million.

The insurance company lists 13 potential witnesses, including eyewitnesses, first responders, experts and House himself.

The 90-page file also lists different pieces of evidence, including recorded testimony from the same witnesses.

The document shows a statement from House in April 2010. House said he was taking a pleasure cruise in the car to Galveston and missed an exit. He was going to use the GPS on his phone, but dropped it. He reached down to pick it up and when he raised up "just something caught me off guard and I swerved and ended up in the water. At that time that's what I thought it was a pelican. I'm saying I'm not sure what exactly it was, but something caught my view... Basically when I raised up is when I went off the road. Still on road when I picked up phone...Swerved right, maybe 55 to 60 mph totally caught off guard. There was no time or any thought to hit brakes."

The document also shows a statement from Jose Mario Garza, who caught the accident on video and uploaded it to YouTube.

Garza said he noticed a vehicle "that I initially thought was a Lamborghini on the feeder road going north. Saw a gentleman driving the car...Didn't look preoccupied with anything, did not look distracted, nothing out of the ordinary...Didn't see bird, it's not to say it wasn't there."

A trial date has not yet been set in the case. The next deadline is December 21, when the defense can provide an opposition to a motion to amend the complaint.

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