Child homelessness on the rise in East Texas

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Texas isn't doing enough to fight childhomelessness. A new report from the national center on family homelessnessranks the lone star state in the bottom half of the country.

"Usually we're in the bottom whenwe look at all the various things that happen with children and poverty in thestate," said child advocate Lisa King.

One out of every 45 American childrenis homeless and child advocates say the situation is similar here in East Texas.

"The main concern I think formost of us that work with children have is that in Nacogdoches, in our countyit's not so much homelessness but inadequate housing," said King.

Kids without a permanent place to call home issometimes unavoidable.

"What we see more than anythingespecially right now Is a loss of a job and just not being able to make ends meetwhere they used to able to," said King

Too many family members under one roofor even a failing marriage can increase a child's risk for becoming homeless.

"It's not their fault divorce,separations the leading cause of it," said Godtel Director Royce Oliver

With federal housing filling up, finding a places to stay is achallenge. Only seven states have plans to curb child homelessness, so mostfamilies are forced to go it alone.

"The best thing any of us can doespecially during the season of giving is to make sure we open out hearts openyour wallet and give to the appropriate charities that are in your town,"said King.

Child advocates hope the report willhighlight a growing problem that needs a solution, not just during theholidays.

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