NISD carousel

The coaching carousel continues at Nacogdoches ISD. In just the span of over a week, the athletic director retired, an interim was named, the interim was let go and the old AD says the district is wanting him back. All this should culminate in a packed school board meeting tomorrow. Donna McCollum breaks it all down for you at 6.

As state investigators arrive in the Broaddus area to determine exactly how three young children died in a fire, the community is working to assist the parents in the rebuilding process. Holley Nees has the report at 6.

After the NTSB call to make texting and driving illegal, signs are springing up in Nacogdoches to remind motorists that they have to avoid the practice in that town. Alexis Spears has that report at 10.

Around Lufkin, ads are popping up that are trying to hit a nerve when it comes to smoking. What do Lufkinites think about them? Francesca Washington finds out at 10.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor