Smoke-Free Lufkin ads get a makeover

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Achild holding a cigarette, this shocking image is now in magazines andnewspapers across East Texas. The Smoke-Free Lufkin Coalition has revamped itsads and hopes to teach the community about the hazards of second hand smoke.

"It's a healthrisk in Angelina County," said Executive Director, Janet Taylor.

"We're trying toeducate the public that just having someone smoke around you is a problem,"said Program Director, Jean East.

Lufkin'scurrent smoke ordinance prevents people from smoking in public buildings. Butthat doesn't include places such as restaurants, as long as they have a secondventilation system.  But some say thatisn't always enough.

"We have foundresearch shows that it doesn't protect those working there or eating there,"said Taylor.

Thecoalition did a survey this past summer, 85 percent of people were in favor ofa smoke free ordinance. The results will be displayed on new billboards postednext week.

"We are hopingcity council will take a look at the ordinance that we have and strengthen it,"said Taylor.

30 Texas citiesalready have smoke free laws. Adjusting the existing ordinance could mean ahealthier Lufkin.

"It's so commonin other communities we're one of the last. I think that we could be thecatalyst," said Taylor.

Thenew billboards are a step in a healthier direction and will help protect thehealth of future generations.

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