Nacogdoches police enforce anti-texting and driving ordinance

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - "We're going to have to do something to make it safer because it is obvious it is not safe to use electronic devices while you drive," said Nacogdoches Chief of Police, Jim Sevey.

The final remaining signs are now up, warning drivers that it's illegal to text and drive in Nacogdoches. The message is simple.

"Electronic messaging prohibited while driving," said Nacogdoches Public Works Director, Wayne Shepherd.

For the first time since the ordinance was passed in October, the work begins for officers to catch violators.

"This isn't about writing tickets. This is about stopping traffic hazards," said Sevey.

Seven signs have been placed on each of the major highways coming into the city of Nacogdoches to help officers spread the word.

"It is as clear, succinct, and concise as we can make it," said Sevey.

Wednesday, the National Transportation Safety Board revealed 3-thousand died in distracted driving accidents last year. City leaders hope the law will be enough to save lives.

"As long as it's posted within city limits, it's enforceable by the police department," said Shepherd.

It's a habit many drivers many find hard to stop.

"Our goal is to try to get voluntary compliance," said Sevey.

With so many multi-tasking motorists, the NTSB wants to take laws like these a step further, including a ban on all cell phone use in cars.

"I think there will be some difficulty in enforcing it," said Sevey.

Until then, Nacogdoches traffic patrols will focus on finding typing fingers that should be on the wheel.

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