Family seeks justice for Huntington man they say was murdered

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A protest at the Angelina County Courthouse brought on a lot of honking from passersby.

12 years after a Huntington man's death was ruled a suicide, his family says they want criminal prosecutors to take on the case.

Today marks what would have been Corey Wood's 35th birthday. Instead of celebrating, his family and friends are protesting. They're trying to prove wood's death was a murder, not a suicide.

His sister, Darci Holloway, believes his roommates killed him after he confronted them about stealing thousands of dollars.

"What I hope happens is that my family gets justice and that I get my mother back. This has really put a strain on her and I'm ready for my momma," says Holloway.

Holloway says there's evidence to prove he was murdered.

Family members say they've already won a civil suit in his death, but they now seek a criminal case.

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