Trinity schools ban church-created 'hell' sweatshirts

Tisha Macks
Tisha Macks

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) - Tisha Macks stands behind the design she created for the River of Life church youth group.

The "Hell Proof Teens" sweatshirt is meant to stand out, but she's surprised it's become controversial.

"Hell is a place, and they don't want to go there," Macks said. "So, they're saying that they're hell proof. They believe in God's word. And, they believe in spreading the word."

Macks' daughter, along with about 30 other high school and middle school students planned to wear their new sweatshirts to school.

All of the students received their sweatshirts here at the church Wednesday night, following service.

The next day, administrators stopped the kids before class even started.

"They threatened us," Rikki Macks said. "They said if we wear them again or we didn't take them off, they'd send us to ISS."

The superintendent was not available for comment, but he did issue a written statement, saying the hoodies were not in compliance with school dress code.

"There's such a large amount of the kids that are wearing it," Macks said. "It's, you know, it's a problem."

Macks says the school board told her the issue lies with "hell."

"I don't feel it's being used as a profanity," Macks said. "Hell is a place."

The "hell-proof" teens say they don't want to cause trouble, but aren't backing down.

"It's not only one person wanting to do it," Rikki Macks said. "It's our whole youth group wanting to come in and bring Christ back into schools."

Students like Macks, hope the district will reconsider their decision.

"I have strong beliefs in what I believe in, and I'm going to stand there and fight for what I believe in," she said.

Macks and other parents are trying to get the school board to hold a meeting to further discuss the issue.

Until then, the students are not allowed to wear the sweatshirts.

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