Wells soldier returns home from Afghanistan

Naval officer, Veronica Cartwright
Naval officer, Veronica Cartwright

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - Dorothy McMillion hosts a celebration gathering Saturday, welcoming her niece home from the Navy and giving thanks for the community's generosity.

"It's just a thank you to the community and the family to say we appreciate everything you've done for Veronica," said Wells City Councilwoman, Dorothy McMillion.

Veronica Cartwright has been in the Navy 8 years, and for the past year, she's served in Afghanistan.

"I'm in awe of all these young people who go, and they serve their country. And, they're willing to put their life on the line for us," said McMillion.

While overseas, Cartwright requested one thing from her community, school supplies for an Afghan school. Little did she know, she would receive enough supplies to give out more than 200 backpacks.

"Everybody back in Afghanistan were like, wow, I thought you came from a super small town. And I was like, I do, but everybody's, you know, pulls together. And, they help everybody out that they can," said US Navy officer, Veronica Cartwright.

Officer Cartwright said she was overwhelmed by the tremendous amount of support she received form her hometown while she was serving overseas.

"They really supported us out there, and you know, it really meant a lot to us," said Cartwright.

She says she felt it in her heart to give these children an opportunity.

"Making an impact on other people, you get to actually experience other cultures and how they actually live. And, it makes you a lot more grateful for what we have here in America," said Cartwright.

Cartwright is now home on a 30 day leave, and she plans to enjoy every minute of it with the community that supported her so much.

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