Glory Gang provides Christmas gifts for Nacogdoches children

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - They call ita labor of love.

"It's just a special night," said Glory GangCo-Director, Dottie Konderla.

The Glory Ganghas 9 bus routes that go into underprivileged areas of Nacogdoches and bringthe children to church services. At Christmas time they host a party for thosewho consistently attend throughout the semester.

"It's really special to these kids it's anawesome privilege to be able to supply this for our kids," said Co-Director,Richard Konderla.

From humblebeginnings the ministry has grown. This Christmas  320 children will receive presents.

"Our first year at Christmas we probably hadabout 50 to 60 children and in 13 years it has progressed and grown. Definitelyneedy children, it's beautiful to see the smiles on their faces when they getthis gift," said Mrs. Konderla.

Without helpfrom the community they wouldn't be able to reach so many children.

"The peopleof Nacogdoches sponsor and adopt each child," said Mrs,Konderla.

"We take their pictures and they make theirwish and we put it at the bottom of the picture," said Mr.Konderla

The ministryis dedicated to making sure these children know they are loved and deserve agift at Christmas time.

"We kind of call it a big I love you card fromJesus that's why we do it, we want these kids to know Jesus loves them," saidMr.Konderla.

Volunteerssay the kids are always appreciative and being able to give is what the Christmasseason is all about.

"A lot of these kids won't even open itthey'll keep it wrapped and they put it under the tree so they can get it onChristmas morning," said Mr.Konderla.

It truly isthe most wonderful time of the year and with help from the community everyonehas a chance to enjoy it.

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