Voters Approve Economic Sales Tax Plan

It is the results the majority of the Lufkin City Council has been waiting to see. Over two-thirds of the ballots cast in favor of setting aside sales tax revenues for economic development.

"It's certainly gratifying to see the voters vote this way. We were optimistic all along that the voters would see the facts and vote accordingly and that seems to be the case," said City Manager C.G. Maclin..

Maclin says the city does not plan on wasting anytime in putting the economic sales tax to work, but they will have to wait at least until October, the start of the city's fiscal year, before the plan can go into effect. Maclin says that will give the city time to prepare.

"The six months will give us plenty of time to do the background work and set up our articles of incorporation charter, bylaws; do all of the recording with the secretary of state's office as an economic development corporation and then be ready to go full speed ahead in October," said Maclin.

The plan will mean one eighth of a cent of the city's sales tax revenues will be allocated for projects like the city's proposed industrial park. The election results will not be entirely official until Tuesdays city council meeting, but Maclin doesn't expect there to be any trouble and says he looks forward to a bright future for Lufkin.