Nacogdoches to consider stage 2 of drought contingency plan

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Lake Nacogdoches sits at 45% capacity. As the top water source for Nacogdoches that simply isn't enough.

"We never, I don't think, anyone for saw that we would be experiencing a drought much less a drought of this magnitude," said Nacogdoches City Manager, Jim Jeffers.

Tuesday the city council will consider whether to implement stage 2 of the drought contingency plan.

"We have a choice we can lose some landscaping or we can run out of water all together and I think the choice is obvious," said Jeffers.

Stage 2 will mandate a 30% reduction in lawn irrigation and residents will be required to follow a watering schedule. According to city officials the drought is sustainable upon the creation of 4 new wells and the rehabilitation of 3.

"In order to make sure we have an adequate water supply to survive the drought these measures are very very necessary," said Jeffers.

An ascending water rate will also be introduced, to make Nacogdoches residents aware of how much water they use and ultimately encourage them to use less.

"The more water you use the more it's going to cost," said Jeffers.

Lake Nacogdoches isn't declining but it's not increasing either which could mean big problems down the road.

"What we have available is not enough to sustain us through the summer, we would be in big trouble with our current resources if we were not to institute this," said Sarah O'Brien, Nacogdoches Main Street Manager.

Stage 2 will require everyone to do their part but officials hope that if it is passed, it will save what is left of the lake and prevent the city from taking more significant measures.

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