Angelina Co. Grand Jury returns 47 indictments, several sex crimes

Perry Haggerton mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Perry Haggerton mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Justin Nash mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Justin Nash mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – A long list of indictments has been returned by an Angelina County Grand Jury including several sex assault offenses.

Perry J. Haggerton, 53, accused in a sexual assault case that occurred 6 years ago is among those on the Grand Jury list.  Police say new DNA evidence led to the arrest of Haggerton in September for the aggravated sexual assault of a woman with an intellectual disability.  Investigation say they were able to link a blood test from a DWI arrest to DNA taken in 2005 at the time of the alleged sexual assault.  He is out of jail on a $100,000 PR bond.

Justin D. Nash has been indicted for indecency with a child by contact.  Nash was arrested in October after a teacher grading a student's journal alerted Child Protective Services.  The girl apparently wrote she had been raped by someone named Justin and was afraid to tell her mother.  Investigators say Justin Nash, 33, is in the Angelina County jail in lieu of $25,000 bond.  Authorities say Nash touched the girl inappropriately.

Other indictments:

Thomas G. Murphy, 24, Assault - Family Violence, $5,000 bond.

Eddie Ray Garrett, 34, Failure to Comply w/Registration Requirement, $5,000 bond.

Ricardo Garza, 30, Assault - Family Violence, $7,500 bond.

Seth Tyler Hargis, 18, Theft, $2,500 bond.

Debra Dean Modisette, 48, Driving While Intoxicated (3rd or more), $5,000 bond.

Jerry Don Brookshire, 58, Theft, $5,000 bond.

Angela Bates Ammons, 38, Felony Theft, $2,500 bond.

Michael Wayne Turner, 29, Possession/Cont/Substance-Cocaine, $3,500 bond.

Linda C. Smith, 41, Driving While Intoxicated (3rd or more), $10,000 PR bond.

Patricia A. Watts, Theft, $5,000 bond.

Christopher D. Henson, 32, Stalking, $10,000 PR bond.

Michael Wayne Turner, 29, Assault-Family Violence, $10,000 in jail.

Robert Roberson, 58, Theft of Copper, $5,000 no arrest.

Steven D. Adams, 33, Credit Card Abuse, $5,000 bond.

Kelvin Lockhart, 29, Aggravated Assault w/deadly weapon, $25,000 in jail.

Jon T. LaCount, 27, Misapplication of Fidiciary Property, $20,000 no arrest.

Jason Ryan Boykin, 33, Arson, $10,000 bond,

Michael Ray Whittenmore, 27, Burglary of a Building, $5,000 in jail.

Andres Lara, 44, Aggravated Assault, $15,000 in jail.

Jason Ryan Boykin, 33, Unauthorized Use/Motor Vehicle, $6,000 bond.

Yesenia Marin, 29, Debit Card Abuse, $10,000 bond.

Ricardo Perez-Rosales, 31, Debit Card Abuse, $10,000 bond.

Leon Bailey, Sr., 60, Unauthorized Use/Motor Vehicle, $3,500 bond.

Andrew D. Pigg, 25, Evading Arrest or Detention, $2,500 in jail.

Michael Mitchell III, 31, Driving While Intoxicated (3rd or more), $10,000 bond.

Dwayne Ornald Fletcher, 44, Driving While Intoxicated (3rd or more), $7,500 bond.

Joe Edzell Gossett, 49, Driving While Intoxicated (3rd or more), $5,000 bond.

Trenton Terry, 32, Possession of Marijuana, $3,500 bond.

Mark Edwards, Felony Theft, $20,000 bond.

Meslar Bonilla, 17, Criminal Mischief, $2,500 bond.

Christian Granados Bonilla, 19, Criminal Mischief, $2,500 bond.

Jamaine D. Rodgers, 23, Injury to Child, $7,500 bond.

Daniel Lee Downey, 38, Prohib/Substance/Corr/Facility, $2,000 PR bond.

Deborah Lambert Lee, 49, Poss/CS-Methamphetamine, $10,000 bond.

William Randall Matteson, 47, Poss Cont/Substance-Methamphetamine, $7,500 bond.

James Tad Wheeler, 26, Burglary of a Building, Theft, $15,000 in jail.

Daniel Hartman, Jr. 41, Burglary of a Building, Theft, $7,500 bond.

Douglas McCoy, 48, Retaliation, $5,000 bond.

Ryan Miller, Continuous Violence Against Family, $25,000 bond.

Jarod Ray Pee, 20, Theft, $2,500 bond.

Heather Kaye Richardson, 25, Robbery reindictment, $20,000 bond.

David Jones, Jr., 38, Robbery reindictment, $20,000 bond.

Eddie Joe HOlt, 23, Robbery reindictment, $20,000 bond.

Jeromy Holt, 20, Robbery reindictment, $20,000 bond.

Max Anthony Vann, 36, Aggravated Assault, $25,000.

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