To go or not...Future of Lufkin's mail operations up for discussion

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – The Lufkin president of the American Postal Workers Union speaks out after the agency has announces plans to consider moving their Lufkin incoming processing operations to Beaumont.

According to the union representative, Kalvin Mattox, under the new USPS proposal, Lufkin mail would actually go to north Houston, and come back through Beaumont.

He said it would cause delays in first class mail and business mail. He said it could also hurt those waiting on social security checks.

Mattox said the change would affect anyone that lives in a 759 area code, not to mention the more than 30 people employees.

"To put it honestly, it's an uneasy feeling and speaking as the president of APWU, I can see it on the workforce floor," Mattox said. "People are just kind of walking around in limbo trying to figure out what's going to happen, where they're going to end up at, how they're going to pay their bills and it's kind of a disheartening feeling to see people go through this."

Mattox is encouraging everyone in the 759 area code to get involved and call their legislators.

The postal service is struggling in the current economy and that has the future of Lufkin's mail operations up for discussion.

The U-S Postal Service is proposing moving the incoming mail processing operation from the Lufkin Center located off South John Redditt Drive to the Beaumont processing and distribution center.

A public meeting has been scheduled to discuss the proposed change.

"I would rather not have my mail go to Beaumont because if it's something that I needed to send off and I needed it to be there like tomorrow, going all the way to Beaumont would make it like two days, maybe three days, I just don't think that's a good idea, at least not for me," said Tiffany Young, a postal service customer.

"I think they need to do what they need to do to save their business, stay in business," said Tommy Carswell, a postal service customer.

"I think that's ridiculous, that puts a lot of people's jobs out, it's just a bad idea all the way around," Teresa Camp, a postal service customer.

The U-S Postal Service would like to hear from you.  A public meeting will be held Wednesday, January 4, at 6PM at Lufkin City Hall.

There are 104 employees at the Lufkin office.  An ongoing study will determine if a consolidation is feasible.

An Area Mail Processing (AMP) study was initiated to evaluate the transfer of destinating mail processing operations from the Lufkin TX Customer Service Mail Processing Center (CSMPC) to the Beaumont TX Processing and Distribution Facility (P&DF).  The initial results of the study support the business case for consolidation.  This study, currently in review at United States Postal Service Headquarters and its Area Office, is subject to change.

A public meeting will be held to share the initial results of the study and allow members of the community to ask questions and provide feedback.  The public's input will be considered prior to a final decision.  The meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 4, at 6:00 p.m., at the City Council Chambers, Lufkin City Hall, 300 E Shepherd, Lufkin, TX 75901.    Below are preliminary highlights from the study:

Business Case:

Below is a breakdown of the estimate of annual savings:

Annual Mail Processing Employee Savings                    $1,421,958

Annual Management Savings                                           $   366,546

Annual Maintenance Savings                                            $   810,593

Annual Transportation Savings                                         $     20,132

Proposed annual savings in the draft AMP feasibility study are approximately $2,619,229

Postal Employees:

Due to the consolidation, a net decrease of approximately 26 positions is projected.  All bargaining employee reassignments will be made in accordance with the respective collective bargaining agreements.

Proposed Craft Employee Impact at Lufkin CSMPC                            - 31

Proposed Craft Positions to be added at Beaumont P&DF                 +   5

Proposed Net Craft Employee Impact after consolidation                    - 26

Local Customer Considerations:

  • Retail and other services currently available at the Lufkin facility will not change at this time.
  • Local business mail acceptance times may change as a result of the AMP.
  • Local collection box pick-up times may change as a result of the AMP.
  • A local postmark will be available for stamped First-Class Mail at retail locations.
  • Delivery times of mail to residences and businesses will not change as a result of the AMP.
  • The proposed consolidation would support a 2 to 3 day service standard for First-Class Mail.

Commercial Mailers:

  • Mailers who presort mail will continue to receive appropriate postage discounts.
  • Mailers who drop ship to Destination Sectional Center Facility (DSCF) 759 can expect changes if the AMP is approved.

Written comments may be sent to:

Manager, Consumer and Industry Contact

Dallas District

951 W Bethel Rd

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