Layaway angels help Lufkin shoppers

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Less than a week until Christmas and some K-Mart shoppers are getting a little help from anonymous angels to finish their holiday shopping.

"Very grateful there are not a whole lot of times I'm ever speechless in my life but this morning was one of them," said Brandi Lane, touched by a layaway angel.

Layaway angels are among us making the holidays easier for people in a struggling economy.

"Feels great that someone wants to give back to the community, they've donated 1000 dollars to folks in need in the area," said Jake Stogsdill, K-Mart Store Manager.

Brandi Lane was touched by a layaway angel and said after a hard year she couldn't be more grateful.

"I really don't know what to say about it other than thank you, we have had a pretty struggling year and it's just I can't find the words for it," said Lane.

According to K-Mart manager most layaway angels are looking to make sure children have a good Christmas

"What we've found is the customers want to look at the layaways and see what is in the layaways children clothes, toys is generally what they've been looking for," said Stogsdill.

Technology plays a huge part in spreading the word.

"This year in particular it's happened more often I think because of Facebook, twitter and things of that nature," said Stogsdill.

Layaways angels are able to give directly to the community and see how they helped families during the holidays.

"They see it as another outlet to give and they can see where that money is going they can see what they're giving to the individuals," said Stogsdill.

This generous giving is becoming infectious.

"I was able to help somebody else today because someone helped me," said Lane.

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