Stage 2 approved in Nac

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - With their top water source suffering, Nacogdoches City council voted to approve stage two of their drought contingency plan.

Starting March 1st, residents will have to reduce their lawn irrigation usage by 30%. Officials encourage residents to not only reduce how much they water their lawn but how much water they use in house, when washing clothes and dishes.

"Right now obviously the winter months we understand that people aren't watering but we need to make sure we got this into place before the spring and summer months because we do not have the capacity at Lake Nacogdoches to support current water usage at those rates," said Nacogdoches Main Street Manager, Sarah O'Brien.

Stage 2 of the plan also comes with an ascending price rate, which means households that use more than ten thousand gallons of water monthly could see an increase if they don't conserve.

Notifications about stage 2 have already been sent out to residents.

Residents can also expect to see notifications in their bills leading up to March 11st. They hope the new guidelines will sustain them during the summer.