Restaurant Report - Angelina County - 12/22/11

Taco Bell @ 216 S. Timberland: 14 demerits for soap needed in men's restroom, repair floor drain & clean, need to clean fountain dispenser at drive thru, protective light shield needed in freezer, and date & time marking needed on cheese.

McDonald's @ 18 S. Timberland: 13 demerits for repairs needed at seal at front dairy cooler, under equipment needs cleaning, lids required on garbage cans in women's restroom, drive thru ice scoops need to be stored properly.

Ralph & Kacoos @ 3107 S. First: 7 demerits for all food must be covered, don't store food on freezer floor, clean ice machines, and clean microwave.

Corn Dog 7 @ 4600 S. Medford: 7 demerits for bathroom needs cleaning, wall needs repairs, toxic items being stored by single service items, and need to use food grade containers.