Man says Nacogdoches business won't deliver headstone to wife's grave

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Jerry Swift looks at the monuments in front of a Nacogdoches business searching for any evidence of his wife's headstone he ordered months ago.

"They won't answer their phones at home and we can't catch anybody here," Swift said.

Swift's wife, Nancy, died exactly 10 months ago.

In October, some of her valuables were auctioned off among family to raise money for a monument to put at her grave.

"I paid $900 for a stone," Swift said. "I don't have that kind of money. I live off of social security like a lot of people."

He has a copy of the $900 check he says he gave to George Partin and Sons Monument.

Written at the bottom of the copy reads,"Paid in full." The bottom of the copy is signed Bonnie Partin.

"We have not got the $900 back, we have not received a monument," Swift's daughter Christy Chamberlain said. "We don't even know if the monument was ever even purchased or there was ever even any work started."

They said they were told the headstone should be completed and delivered to the grave in four to six weeks. However, toward's the end of December, still no headstone. Instead, only the sign on the door saying  "Due to major family sickness we will be closed till further notice."

"If there was truly a sickness, at the onset of the sickness, the least that could've been done is a phone call saying, you know what, we've come into some hard times, mother is sick, son is sick, there's going to be some delay," Chamberlain said.

KTRE made multiple attempts to try to reach the monument company, but there was only a message saying the phone line was disconnected.

Swift says, they just want their money back or even the stone to get it engraved elsewhere.

"I just drove from Joaquin, Texas to Houston and I think I cried every mile," Swift said. "It's hard. We were married 49 years."

For now, Swift drives out to the cemetery nearly every day to see if, by chance, the headstone has been delivered to his wife's grave.

Swift said he's heard from other families going through the same thing with the company.

Meanwhile, friends and family are trying to collect money to order another headstone to put at Nancy Swift's grave.

The account is set-up at Wells Fargo under Jerry E. Swift.

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