Lufkin community remembers Coach Outlaw, a mentor and a leader

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The community remembers a coach, a mentor, and a dear friend. One, who was like no other.

"It's going to leave a void. It's definitely going to leave a void in the community. Not only in this community, but in the state of Texas," said Andrew Bagley of the Lufkin Sideliners Club.

Many students, both past and present, came to Abe Martin Stadium Friday to ease the pain, playing football in Coach Outlaw's honor.

"To lose somebody that you love around this holiday, it just brings it back home even more," said Bereavement Counselor, Synovia Haynes.

Counselor Haynes says it's healthy to spend time with others and reflect on your memories to get through the grieving process. Other students, like sophomore Samantha McClain, expressed their grief by changing their facebook profile pictures to reflect Outlaw's legacy.

"They're mostly of his 300th win. He said that was just a number. It was nothing to him. It was all about the kids," said McClain.

"It wasn't all about the x's and o's, the winning and losing. It was how he treated the kids," said A. Bagley.

While the pain is real today, many students say reality will hit even harder at the first football game without Outlaw.

"It's going to be hard. It's going to be dead, all, everybody," said McClain.

"You're sad when anyone passes away, but he was like a special person in Lufkin. I mean, he brought, you know, he helped a lot of families. He helped the football teams. He'll be truly missed," said Envy Salon Stylist, Dekeisha Maxie.

McClain feels Outlaw's shoes will be too big for others to fill because he had a heart the size of Texas.

"It was him. It's just Coach Outlaw," said McClain.

Others want to see the coach's legacy carried on.

"We want to make sure that we bring somebody in that has the same love an concern for the school and the students that Coach Outlaw showed," said Leon Bagley.

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