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Freedom Fighters: Fred Tipton

Gilmer, TX (KLTV) - We like to think of the pretty things of Christmas like decorations, gifts, and twinkling lights.  But for Fred Tipton, Christmas in Vietnam in 1967 was anything but pretty. 

Tipton arrived in Vietnam in August with the 101st Armored Calvary.  Because of his typing ability, Tipton was in administration in the daytime and a warrior in the field at night.  He said he probably never slept even an hour during his year in Vietnam.

Tipton said the Christmas of 1967 in 115 degree heat was no Christmas at all.  The only thing good about it was packages from home of popcorn and broken cookies he shared with other soldiers. That Christmas only has made him appreciate later Christmases at home with his family even more.

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