Family receives headstone after Nacogdoches business won't deliver

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Christmas came early for Christy Chamberlain and her family.

"It's a joy, it's ablessing, it's great excitement that we're able to have the monument," saidheadstone recipient Christy Chamberlain.

After ordering a headstone for her late mother Nancy Swiftin October and getting nothing. A Christmas Eve gift is just what the familyneeded to get them in the spirit

"This is like thebest Christmas gift he could have right now. To have this monument," saidChamberlain.

In October her father jerry swift paid 900 dollars to GeorgeParton and Son Monument in Nacogdoches but until today had nothing to look atbut an empty plot of land.

"When something likethis happens you feel really defeated you feel violated in a lot of ways thatyou've been taken advantage of," said Chamberlain.

'Secret Santas' are all around and Doug Russell wanted tomake sure Chamberlain and her family got the monument they paid for.

"The family has beenalready out enough by losing a wife, mother, grandmother and friend. This timeof year is special and we need to do what's right," said East Texas Monument Company'sDoug Russell.

After hearing about the families struggles on Thursday hemade sure the headstone what delivered before Christmas , with no cost to thefamily.

"It's the spirit ofthe year it's Christmas, the time of giving and love and charity and that'swhat supposed to be done," said Russell.

Chamberlain believes they aren't the first family to fallvictim to this scam but Doug Russell gives them reason to believe that goodpeople are still around willing to help where they can.

"It restores faith inmankind that there are people out there that are willing to do what they can," saidChamberlain.

Now the family can spend the holiday remembering the lovedone they lost and those who helped them cherish her memory.

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