East Texans looking for end of the year bargains

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Returns and exchanges have East Texans waiting in lines Monday. And, one thing is making the process easier.

"Make sure you've got plenty of copies of receipts and things, and no stores have had any issues with us," said Lufkin resident, Paul Olszewski.

Store managers say as long as you have a receipt handy, making a swap is not a problem. This year, stores are seeing an increase in exchanges on various electronics.

"Games are a really hot item this year, and so a lot of people got multiple copies of the same game," said Best Buy Digital Technologies Manager, Maxx Gandy.

We noticed a lot of customers had duplicate copies of games. Others may have been given the wrong item, or may want an upgrade.

"Returns in electronics, people might want to upgrade or perhaps trade in something for a different selection," said Target Store Manager, Kris Hoepfner.

East Texans say coming out to return, exchange, and shop Monday's sales is much more enjoyable than shopping before Christmas.

"It's a lot better. There's not as much people," said Lufkin resident, Hannah Rodriguez.

"Excited to be able to continue to save some money and grateful that people continue to put on the sales like they did before Christmas," said Olszewski.

Store managers say the slower pace makes for a calmer atmosphere.

"It's not a matter of hey I really need this gift or I am on a time frame. I'm on a crunch. I'm on a deadline. They really get a chance to slow down and actually get items for themselves," said Gandy.

Stores have also had time to re-stock and re-organize so that customers are able to better find items that they couldn't get their hands on before the holiday.

"Come out here and get some bargains, yea, it's always good," said Huntington Resident, Walter Wright.

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