Former and current Panthers honor Coach Outlaw at memorial service

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - As over one thousand people packed into the Lufkin Middle School, Panther pride was evident. Coaches and players, both current and former, wore purple shirts and this years team even put on their game jerseys to honor Coach Outlaw.

After the service former Panther and current Arizona Cardinal Rex Hadnot said without Outlaw many Panther dreams may never have come true.

"He just opened a lot of doors for a lot of people," said Hadnot.  "I think that kind of goes unnoticed behind the wins and losses, but without some of the things he did a lot of people wouldn't be where they are. I would definitely say that I am one of those."

It wasn't just on the field accolades that had so many in awe of Outlaw. It was the way he helped everyone he could.

"Just the way he treated people,the way he made everyone feel so important was amazing," said Lufkin basketball coach J.T. McManus. "I try to do that in my daily dealings with athletes and the people I come in contact with. He just had a way of making everybody feel important.

Outlaw's players, his children as he always called them, will pass on those countless life lessons for generations to come.  

"He just taught me a lot as a man," said former Panther Demarques Jones. "I'm also a father now and i have a little girl, and the things he taught me I will be able to install in my child."

Superintendent Roy Knight delivered a message to those in attendance. "Players in here, and there are many of you, you are all still his children." Knight went on to say, "Today Panther nation is a Panther family. He loved you. Whether he was congratulating you or watching you flip tires at practice, he loved you.

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