Nacogdoches Police see spike in domestic violence over holidays

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is a holiday icon about the stress that comes with family get togethers. In reality, law enforcement receive no vacation from family violence calls.

"They get together," Nacogdoches Police Chief Jim Sevey said. "Sometimes there's a little bit of stress, little bit of strain and sometimes they argue and sometimes arguments get out of hand."

Mix in cramped quarters due to the cold outside and too much alcohol the disturbances get wilder.

"It allows you to sometimes do things that you wouldn't normally do, say things you wouldn't normally say," Sevey said. "Kinda loosens people up a little bit, sometimes they get a little too loose and bad things happen."

In reality, disturbances turn into violence, often between relationships. Sevey suggests families cool off by voluntarily separating themselves, but definitely call law enforcement if violence breaks out.

"We have family violence laws in Texas that typically require an arrest be made so that after the police leave the violence doesn't continue to escalate," Sevey said.

Plus, there are many service agencies offering free guidance.

Something that could have benefited the Griswolds.

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