Lufkin native and Cowboys' wide receiver Dez Bryant reportedly in more debt trouble

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Dallas Cowboys and Lufkin native Dez Bryant could be sweating out more than just a chance at the playoffs this weekend in New York.

The Boston Herald is reporting that Bryant is being pursued by the New-York based finance company Endurance Capital Fund for more than $50,000 from a $100,000 loan that is over one year past due. This coming after Bryant recently settled two separate law suits involving loans.

According to the report ECF specializes in making loans to athletes and entertainers for the purchase of luxury items.

The Herald is also reporting that the company has pursued Bryant in Texas but have yet to be able to serve him the law suit papers. The report goes on to say that Bryant could be met at the team hotel this weekend with suit papers, or the company may wait until the Cowboys' season is over.

"We have reached out to everybody from Mr. Bryant's agent to his mortgage broker to try to get this debt repaid," Endurance said in a statement provided to the Herald. "Everyone acknowledges the debt, but nobody will come forward to repay it. This is a unique and disappointing experience. We have never had a client refuse to repay their debt before."

Cowboys spokesman Rich Dalrymple declined to comment according to the report.

As far as Bryant's contract goes, the Cowboys' wide receiver signed a deal worth $11.8 million, with $8.3 million of that being guaranteed in 2010.

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