Christmas Day brawl in Trinity County store caught on tape

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A quick trip to the convenience store turned into an all-out brawl for Amy Haley.

Security cameras captured her being ambushed Christmas day at Grace's One-Stop in Trinity. Investigators say Mary Ann Toms and her daughter Brandy Liles are shown on the video running into the store.

"They went inside an assaulted who they thought was a witness in their case," said Trinity County Constable Woody Wallace.

Two women are shown swinging at Haley, before knocking her to the ground. Trinity Police later charged Toms and Liles with retaliation.

Liles had been arrested earlier that week in a meth bust at the Trinity Dollar General store. She was charged with delivery of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana and Vicodin in a drug-free zone.  Constables say Toms thought Haley was to blame for her daughter's arrest.

The video shows the store clerk trying to stop the scuffle, but he ended up with a broken knee cap after falling to the concrete floor. Finally the violent brawl ended when the Haley's husband pulled Liles off his wife.

"They will be arrested and charged and they'll realize how serious the charges are. I think that will scare off anybody else doing it in the future," said Wallace.

This isn't the first case of retaliation from meth busts in Trinity County. Last week, two cases ended in arrests. Precinct 1 constables have targeted 10 suspected drug dealers in recent months and haven't had problems involving confidential informants.

"I think the way we're handling it, and that these people are getting arrested quickly. I think that if justice is served swiftly I don't believe we'll have any more [retaliations]. I think it will slow it down actually," said Wallace.

Retaliation is a third-degree felony. If convicted, Toms and Liles could serve two to ten years in jail.

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