Burglars raid Cushing bank, make off with $70 in coins

CUSHING, TX (KTRE) - The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office is working with bank authorities to determine a suspect in a burglary of a Cushing bank early Thursday.

Sheriff Thomas Kerss said the burglars cut off power to the building by pulling the electric meters and cut phone lines before prying open a back door. Kerss said the burglars only managed to steal about $70 in coins but caused about $2,500 in damage to the Texas Bank & Trust, located on Seventh Street.

Kerss said nobody realized the bank had been burglarized until around 8 a.m., when the first employee arrived for work that day.

"The alarm should've activated when they cut the power, but it did not," Kerss said.

Kerss is asking anyone who witnessed any kind of suspicious activity in the area around 12:30 a.m. to report it to the sheriff's office.

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