Hudson Family Concerned With Sewer Problems At Home

by Stuart Burson

Gerald Nungester has just purchased what he thought would be the home of his dreams, but instead, what he has on his hands is being described as a nightmare.

"We started moving on the seventeenth of January, and my son came running out of the house saying the floor's all wet." he told us.

What he soon discovered was that his home's sewer system was backing up into the house. Besides that, he also found sewer water bubbling out of a manhole cover in the front yard. He informed city hall the following Monday of the situation. They said they would look into it, but he says he didn't hear anything from them until Wednesday, after he made a complaint to the health department.

James Freeman with the city of Hudson says that they have tried to contact Nungester in the past, but they always seemed to miss him at home. They did say they have already told him they would fix the house's backup problem after the rains let up. Freeman told us that due to the excessive rains, the sewer system is near it's maximum operating capacity, which could cause the excess rainwater to come up out of the sewer system.

Although the water coming up from the manhole is from the sewer, he says it shouldn't pose a health problem. Freeman says they thought they had the problem already fixed after they removed a blockage from the main sewer line last week, but he says they will try to have a crew back at the house Thursday to see what else they can do keep the water from flowing into the Nungester yard.